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Homeschool Rant….. Homeschooling vs Unschooling

October 1, 2015
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This post is bound to tick some people off…. I apologize in advance if I offend you. But I am not going to apologize for my opinion.

I homeschool. Nothing I do could be mistaken as unschooling. I do not think unschooling is a viable method of educating children. I mean the strict definition of unschooling is not viable as education. Some mistake this as child led learning. It is not. It is child-led HOMESCHOOLING.

If you just live life and expect your child to learn through osmosis, or Mindcraft for that matter, you will have problems.

If that child wants to go to college, they will be a fish out of water. They won’t even understand how to behave, or respond to expectations.  Life happens. That child may have to go to public school. How terrified will they be if they think school is going to the museum or cooking breakfast only? (We do that as a PART of curriculum. Not the whole of it!) It is not fair to them!

Homeschooling is a huge responsibility. I take it very seriously. We, while flexible, do have a finite routine. We use curriculum. We give tests.  We SOCIALIZE! We sacrifice a lot of time and money to be around other people. I live where it is an hour to co-op, museums, field trips, play dates. We do it because it is important.

Our parental responsibility is to prepare our children for the future. I don’t want to hand my future over to adults who learned everything through video games! I want intelligent, well-rounded, informed people running the world. I want people who can think, people who can be creative.

True unschooling is not fair to the children. Some people firmly believe in it. Others are just dealing with circumstances, or illness.But be fair to your kids. Make the tough decision to really homeschool or public school your children. What ever fits your needs. But, please prepare your beautiful babies to survive and thrive in a mean, cold world.


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