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July 10, 2016
My daughter’s written message.
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Guess what? We don’t have extra cash. Not in the least. I don’t have an income due to the constraints of homeschool, and childcare. But, honestly, I am okay with it. (Most of the time, anyway.) I grew up in a home with more financial stability and that taught that cash flow and things don’t make a person happy. Stability isn’t reliant on money.

Anyway, I do miss the money when it is time to spend time together as a family. Vacations, movies, water parks. But we make up for it. We play in the yard together. We have FABULOUS FRIDAY every week. That consists of a movie from our collection or off the dvr. The kids love this cuddle time on the couch with their dad. He may work at home, but his time is used working to bring in the moola. So that dinner and a movie is a treat for them. And us. We grill outside. We garden. We cherish the moments.

Yesterday afternoon, after the kids bickering ALL DAY LONG, I told them they were not allowed to talk until bed. If they couldn’t write it on a dry erase board, they couldn’t say it. My 10 year old has a large written vocabulary, but my 7 year old has reading issues so it was harder for him. This was supposed to be punishment. Then God said HA! HA!

They loved it! It turned into an evening of silliness, of laughter (silent on their parts), and big smiles! My husband made a comment that we were training my son to be a mime. My 7 year old then spent an hour pretending to be in a glass box!!! How funny! He couldn’t write everything so he drew pictures, again- LAUGHTER! I realized something. What do I love most about my family? What moments mean the most? When we go to the expensive stuff (which we save up and occasionally do)? NO! It’s the small moments that turn into huge fun moments I will remember when they are long gone. I will miss the silliness. The sound of giggles.

When I grew up, my home was pretty serious. There wasn’t a lot of laughing. My dad knew how to work, not play. He came by it naturally. His dad couldn’t play either. I remember dating a guy before I met my Mr. Right, and thinking “I wish we laughed together.” It felt like an empty place, and it was. Mr. Right is silly and funny, and makes me laugh everyday. And, in turn, our babies. We have moments like this everyday. We don’t have an abundance in money, but God provides just the abundance we need. I love those times and hope they never, ever end…..emsilliness funnyman harrisondatenerdykidsmysweetfam

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