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Homeschool Textbooks – 8 Places To Find Them

July 12, 2016
Homeschool Books and Textbooks
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There are so many places to get textbooks for homeschool! By the way, a book doesn’t have to be a “textbook” for you to teach or your child to learn!

I am going to start with a bonus since I had already written this list- PRIME DAY!!!! It is Amazon’s Prime day and there are amazing deals to be had. This includes a Kindle Fire! Find it here!

Homeschool Textbooks – 7 Places To Find Them

1. The Library

All you need is a library card and your door opens to thousands of books that can be used in your homeschool very successfully. You also have access to audio books, DVDs, and e-books. You can homeschool with the internet and a library card and do an awesome job. AND keep the clutter down!

2. Used Bookstores

When Monkey girl was learning to read I found a compilation Dick and Jane book at a used bookstore I used to buy my novels at in my 20’s. That was one of the most awesome things I ever bought. She learned quickly and enjoyed the simplicity of the text. It is now back on my shelf and my struggling reader LOVES it! We have had to add a few more. Santa even brought him one for Christmas.

3. Thrift Stores

I can’t tell you how many homeschool textbooks/ resources I have bought at the thrift store. From phonics manipulatives, flash cards, textbooks, picture books, organizational tools, and storage- it can be there (and at a bargain). But you have to have patience. What will be there next week, might not be there now and visa versa. The key is going regularly. I go about once every two weeks.

4. Used Homeschool Textbook Sales

These are typically held in the spring and summer. There are lots of deals to be had at these, but you need to be aware of a few things. It is my experience that the same book can be priced by one seller for $40 and by another for $10. You need to take your time and search through the stacks. You can pick off the top book, but if you look you can probably find it at better price deeper down. This is because people usually price their own materials. Some people need to get more for something than others. DIG. Another tip is if it is a multi-day sale go early and return often. These sales also tend to have sale prices on the last day. Our local one has a 50% off day at the end of their sale.

5. The web

Now this can be cheap or expensive. To same money you can buy used on Craigslist, Facebook,  and eBay. Or you can go straight to the manufacturers and buy new. This can be an expensive endeavor. The price you pay will be the premium price, but sometimes it is difficult to buy unused work texts from used sales. I have bought the expensive teachers manual at the used sale and ordered the workbook from the internet.

6. Hand-Me-Downs

Who doesn’t love hand-me-downs??? Enough said!

7. Public Domain E-books and audio books

There’s a lot you can do for free with public domain materials. We downloaded a free LibriVox app. They have books in the public domain read by volunteers. We are currently listening to Grammar-Land by M.L. Nesbitt to go along with our grammar study. There is also a PDF available online. There are many audio and eBooks to choose from. There are lots of textbooks available this way too. I’m not too familiar with it, but I think Easy Peasy (completely free online curriculum) relies on these heavily. I use them whenever possible. My kids learn best by using all 5 senses, so the audiobooks help a lot! While not homeschool textbooks, it works! And who can argue with that?

8. Teacher Websites

The last place I am going to point to you to is teacher sales sites like teacherpayteachers, Currclick, Teachers Notebook and Educents. These aren’t exactly homeschool textbooks but they get the job done. These are places on the web where teachers, designers, and homeschoolers post documents they have made (usually a PDF) for sale. There are so many resources on these sites that it could keep you busy for a long time. I LOVE these sites for the freebies, and low cost documents. I TRY to just get freebies, but I buy them sometimes. Look at the reviews if you are thinking of purchasing something. My experience is that those are pretty accurate. But I do suggest a quality printer that is efficient!



What are your favorite places to get your curricula? Let me know so I can shop!!!! Don’t tell my Husband!

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