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My Homeschool Command Center

February 10, 2017
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I need to have a method to keep all my plates spinning. There’s the house, the kids, the husband, my mom, my extended family. Oh! And homeschooling! I can’t forget that….
I had all the elements of my command center in my old house but not together. I like this better. It gives my control freak nature a nice, calm feeling. Yes. I have control issues. A lot of homeschooling parents do.

The Components-

Well, obviously this is a dry erase calendar. Ours has a cork strip at the bottom. It works. The cup and eraser just has a magnetic strip attached at the back to keep everything close. (And not lost.)

These are editable chore lists I bought online and filled in for each of us. They are in cheap frames and we check things off daily. In the middle is the daily schedule. I’d like to say I’m not strict about the schedule, but I’d be lying. The main rules are we start at 9 am. Their morning chores, breakfast, dressed (unless it a PJ kind of day) and ready to begin by 8:50. They enforce their lunch break from 12:00 to 1:00. And we try to finish by 2. That’s not always possible. But it’s a goal.

A small thrift store bookshelf holds more essentials. A mail organizer obviously holds mail and paper clutter. A cup for pens, pencils, and scissors. Then there’s a magazine organizer for papers to be turned into me. Tape. Everyone must have tape. And then there’s one of my top five homeschool must haves- a school -grade pencil sharpener. At first we used the little manual ones that come with the pencil case. Nope. Then we survived on a cheap electric one briefly. When it died, my husband found this one. We’ve had it for years and it’s still going. That is a great investment.

The lower shelves house my momma binder with recipes, menu plans, and other stuff for home management. On top, there’s my MAMBI Happy planner (teacher edition). I love that. It helps me keep on track.

Of course we have a drawer full of school supplies. On top of the drawer are laminating sheets. On the bottom I have my beautiful laminator.  I love my laminator! I use it for flash cards, reusable worksheets, chore cards, games, etc.

The last bin I have is for my son. It’s his “active” Lego projects. We have a big Lego collection but this houses what he’s building today.

The last thing isn’t with the rest…. This hangs on the side of the refrigerator.It holds my menu plan and grocery list. I have no clue where I printed it from. It also has pockets for everyone.

(There’s supposed to a picture here but I just couldn’t get that one to load… Grrrr!!!!!)

I probably will probably hear I’m OCD or something, but these few little tricks take a lot of stress and anxiety off my shoulders. And in this momma’s world that is a true BLESSING.

Until next time,

Kimberley ❤