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WHAT is Fun Fridays? And Why is It a Good Idea?

August 3, 2016
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We have started something this year we call FUN FRIDAYS. This is where we take all the fun parts of school and do them together in one day. I tend to push hard and let the fun stuff fall away. This is just as much to discipline me as to give them something to look forward to.

What do FUN FRIDAYS look like? 

  • Same start time- 9 a.m.
  • We still do math (Teaching Textbooks).
  • BUT we do Doctor Who history. These kids are serious geeks! And they LOVE Doctor Who. This is a great program I am using as a fun supplement. My 10 year old is doing World Cultures and Geography at co-op (it is a middle school course with lots of homework, so we count it as her history/ Social Studies for the year.) And my 7 year old is doing a typical social studies course with me (i.e. neighborhoods, communities, government, geography). The Doctor Who course supplements those and is just FUN. This is where to get it. And the seller on Teachers Pay Teachers also has a FREE series for the younger Whovian here. I use those activities for my son. They love it and learn a lot. Next week is Charles Dickens.
  • We are doing an Artist study this year, also. I got this from Confessions of a Homeschooler (she has awesome printables!) when it was cheap or free a few years ago, I guess. We will do four weeks on each artist- Picasso, Van Gogh, Pollock, Monet, Matisse, Michelangelo, and Da Vinci. We are having a lot of fun! If it works out, we will be doing this next year!
  • We are doing cooking and home economics projects to have real life applications to what we learn and to just have fun. I love cooking with my kids and they love to cook. My older child can cook a lot of things without assistance. My 7 year old can do a lot of microwave stuff and scramble eggs. He can also do a lot of prep work. For some reason, he loves to peel the covering off onions! LOL
  • Schooling in unconventional places. We frequently do school outside, Chic-fila, McDonalds, playgrounds, libraries. We like places they can take a break and play for a while. Then we get back together and get work done. It makes life so much better. (This isn’t just Fridays!)
  • We will also do crafts to go along with Doctor Who, or Artist study. A volcano for Pompeii, a Minecraft Balmoral castle for Queen Victoria. Fun stuff.
  • Finally- Field trips! We will be attending some regional art museums to go along with the artist study. We are a member family to a local homeschool support group and they have field trips weekly almost. And it just may be a social visit with fellow homeschoolers. I KNOW I hear that S-word enough! (SOCIALIZATION, for new homeschoolers. ) My daughter will be doing a cooking class with 4-H, in January will be joining the sewing class, and some other things they are offering… A lot of fun things!civilwarbattleedit

  • One last thing! My daughter has an interest in architecture, so I purchased this class for her to complete when it was on sale on Educents.  She is having fun with it! She also has a book writing/ designing hobby, so I set her up a free class here for her to work on her design skills. We haven’t gotten to this one yet. We will let you know.

It is just a fun time and we learn PLENTY! Myself included. For me, I have to make the fun stuff a priority because I will focus solely on academics. That is why FUN FRIDAY is so important to me. I want them to love learning and I don’t want to get in the way of that.modelemmade

I feel my job is not to teach them WHAT they need to know, but HOW to learn anything, at anytime. And learning being a plain, ole good time facilitates that!

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