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Tomorrow is Our First Day of Homeschool! 5 Reasons We Start Now!

July 11, 2016
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I HEAR YOU GROANING!!!!!! But you just don’t know what you are missing!!!! Let me tell you why starting now is best for our family!

  1. I live in the humid armpit also known as Southern Tennessee. This week the “feels like” temperatures have been in the 100’s. Then add 5,000% humidity and it is miserable outside. Why not work now and when it gets cooler take time off to play? Fall park time is great!
  2. The summer learning loss phenomena. It is real. It exists. We don’t want to fall behind and lose all the great progress we have made. Here is some research.
  3. My kids thrive on structure. The easy going summer dream isn’t so dreamy around here. They get cranky, frustrated and hard to live with. Structure works! Without boundaries and routines life is unmanageable.
  4. Long Christmas Break.  We are pretty much taking (aside from co-op) Thanksgiving to New Year’s off. We will do fun Holiday things to keep the structure but that is it! We have a lot of field trips in November and December. The Nutcracker, Christmas Parties, volunteer opportunities to name just three. Last year we homeschooled year round but still went through December. It made life stressful and that’s no way to celebrate the gift of Jesus.
  5. We don’t stress over a sick day, mental health day, sunny day, or (in my case) take a family member to the doctor day. Life is dirty, messy, and complicated. Why complicate it more with firm schedule that can’t be modified?

A long summer break is antiquated. It was created for the agriculture model. While a lot of people around me are still farming (I live in a rural, farming community), most of us are not. Why not do what works for us? THAT is a wonderful benefit of homeschooling!

So, in the morning at 9 a.m. we will be starting this new school year! Look for some awesome pics and posts this week celebrating our new start.

What are your reasons for YOUR schedule?????

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