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Homeschooling in Small Spaces. (In our new space)

January 26, 2017
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I have never had a dedicated homeschool classroom. Ever. I have never had more than a shelf. Not that I haven’t had fantasies. With Pinterest worthy decor and desks and  wall art. But let’s revisit reality….

We have recently moved (and still have more stuff to get.) But as we were moving we all got the flu, and while that was going on my dad went in the hospital. And a little over a week ago, he past away. I’m giving myself and my family some grace. So we will get it done. But I’m not sure when.

Anyway, I wanted to show how I do this homeschool thing without a separate classroom and have lots of options.

First of all, we have what everyone has, the DINING ROOM TABLE.  It’s pretty self-explanatory. We sit and work at the table. This is great for science projects or cooking with our studies. Or just a nice surface to use the laptop or write.


That’s the girl child doing her teaching textbooks assignment.

Next, we have the COFFEE TABLE. We have little cubes for seats to work on, so when we work in the living room, that’s also an option. I like it a lot. We use the laptop, write, read, or play games.


Our next option are our LAP DESKS. These are just some I bought a long time ago from Goodwill. I stash them when we aren’t using them, but they are nice when on the floor or couch.



We also have a large room that used to be a single car garage. This houses our homeschool shelves. (And my husband’s office). We have a table we use to play board games, play D & D, art, or Legos. This is just another beautiful, blessed choice. This is my family playing Settlers of Catan.


Also we have yummy, warm beds. This isn’t an everyday thing but a nice alternative. And who doesn’t like to cozy up with a book at free reading time????


This is more an option for my older child. My son needs too much support.

 Before I move to my last at home option, I want to establish HOMESCHOOLING doesn’t have to happen at home. When we lived in the country, I would change our setting to the porch, or the playplace at McDonald’s, or a local park. Now, we are literally in the middle of everything! So, there will be more field trips, school and picnic days, and big beautiful library days!!!!! I am a city girl so color me excited!

  My last option is the backyard. While this space doesn’t look like much now, I have a vision for it becoming a welcoming area for friends and family. And an extension of the learning environment.

I am hoping for a swing that lays down to a hammock. Who wouldn’t love that?????

I also want a trampoline. This will get some of little man’s wiggles out and make a nice sunny space for to lay and read a textbook.

There are even more plans of incorporating a few other smaller diy surprises. I want an outdoor art space, a chalk board, and for the boy a magnet board. We will see what gets accomplished…

When I was a young teacher I worked at a mother’s day out program that was very open and free spirited. It was creatively and educationally stimulating for both child and teacher.

While there I learned from a more experienced teacher about Reggio Emilia, and a teacher named Bev Boz. She wrote a cool book called Don’t Move The Muffin Tins. Look it up. It is an awesome book. I still have my copy.

Here’s to trying.

Until next time,

Kimberley ❤

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