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Blue Skies Homeschool is my passion. Do you remember being a kid at the beginning of the school year? Oh, the smells of pencils, the slick new notebooks, full of empty pages begging to be filled with wonderful words! I feel like that all the time. I love paper and I adore words.

I guess it is no surprise that I grew up to be a teacher. I spent my pre-child rearing years as a nanny to awesome children (one of the youngest bunch just graduated! OUCH!!), owner of a daycare business, and preschool teacher.

I worked in all kinds of centers, using all kinds of  methods, but fell in love with child-directed learning. My favorite time of day was lesson planning time. The idea of cooking up activities that would engage and better a child made me so giddy!

Well, after a few years my own little sweethearts came….. First my Monkey Girl. She has loved learning since birth. She insisted on school at two. Being a stay-at-home mom without the funds but having the skills, I started homeschooling her. I blogged about that adventure- www.preschoollessonplans.blogspot.com.

The came Little Man. He made it seem like I was sleeping through raising Monkey Girl. He had no interest in learning or books, but he is so FUNNY!

They are now 9 and 6. Time Flies!

Our adventure in Homeschooling continued in kindergarten with Monkey Girl with a brief stint in public school for both children. Now we continue our journey into fourth grade and first grade. I do love it. I get so much joy from them. That is not saying I don’t have bad days. I do. But the blessings far outshine any hardships!

Join us on our journey into homeschooling. I hope we can be a blessing for others as they have blessed us!

School is in session!